Air Filtration in the Workplace

There are several efficient ways for air filtration in the workplace to be accomplished. Whether you are in a small office, large office, hotel room, train, plane, trailer, warehouse or elevator, an air filtration systems need to be operational to keep your air breathable and odors to a minimum. Different types of filtration systems can be attached to your air conditioning or heating system to take advantage of existing duct work or be separate from that system as an independent air system depending on the size of the areas to be treated.

Hepa air filters, Ionizers, Activated Carbon, Germicidal UV, Ozone generator are some of the common types of air filtration systems for the work place. In a smaller office, you can rely either on an air purifier system to be attached to your heating and air conditioning unit. If the size of the office is small, you can even utilize portable system. Treating air in any, workspace will ensure to lower chances of spreading germs, elimination of dust, pollen and mold spores. Unfortunately, the Hepa filter may not be very effective on these things if they are not located in a close proximately of the intake. bomb shelter DIY

One of the things to add to a Hepa Filtration system that will boost efficiency is an Ionizer. It will attract small particles by magnetizing them neutralize them to be filtered. The Ions naturally are airborne and can attract particles and dust from a distance. A Carbon filter that is activated will filter fumes from a chemical source or cigarette smoke. A special UV lamp designed to remove germs and viruses can keep your office or warehouse from being shut down due to cold and flu out break issues. The Ozone generator if used needs to be able to be turned off when you do not need it since the UV lamp will not work when this is in operation.

Air purification is not a joking matter; it can ensure a happy and healthy work force. There are commercial air purifiers that work in commercial applications to extract fume, and toxic odors, those are in a category all their own. The best policy is to remove contaminants at the source. Mold, mildew, and bacteria need to be cleaned and sanitized. Air purifiers can sometimes mask a problem that can turn into larger problem. Smell is our key to rid ourselves of problems that manifest their selves in our lives. Purifying and cleaning the air may be something needed but do understand that you also need to be certain there is not an underlying problem that needs your attention.



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